Land Proprietary Titles and Enterprise Development

We have designed a transparent, legislation , GIS, digital and automated driven schemes that will ensure and guarantee ease of transfer of land titles and property rights in Imo state and other parts of Nigeria within 7 working days .

This scheme will generate conservatively over N100billion – N1trillion immediately for the least state in Nigeria and consistent annual revenue of not less than N4-N20billion on land and property related exchanges depending on the state .

This scheme will also boost productivity by over N50- N100billion annually in each of the 36 states in Nigeria.

This scheme will also ensure transparency , accountability and accurate data keeping on land related matters

It will also help us to fight corruption and enhance security of lives and properties in every location in Nigeria through transparent and excellent data keeping that it linked to BVNs

It is a novel scheme that is mostly private sector driven

This scheme will unlock immediately over N100billion -N200billion for the incoming Imo state government over the next 24 months .

It is very simple to execute . I was so shocked that such simple scheme has never crossed the mind of anyone in the system

The incoming Governor of Imo state, the Imo state house of assembly, town union heads , Ndi Eze , community leaders, Ndi Imo in Nigeria and in diaspora have great roles to play to support this novel scheme

You heard and read it here first.

Dr Nnaemeka Onyeka Obiaraeri, FICA, MIRA

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