Establishing Three Mega Centres of PPP Driven Agro-Pastoral Ranches/Agro-Tourist Havens In the Three Senatorial Zones of Imo State

The 2017/2018 Livestock census in Africa in terms of cattle population shows that Nigeria with 19.5 million cows ranks a distant 4th after Tanzania (25million 3rd), Sudan (30 million 2nd) and Ethiopia (31 million 1st).

Interestingly, amongst this top three countries in Africa in terms of cattle population, who even produce rich dairies from the animals, you do not read of nomadic herdsmen killing their fellow countrymen and women to seize their land or in search of forage. They either ranch or engage in the much integrated Agro-Pastoral schemes.

It is estimated that over 50,000 cows are consumed in Nigeria every day. That approximates to a total annual market size of over N2.7trillion. Some of these animals/beef consumed in Nigeria are moved from across the Sahel into Nigeria and are mostly consumed by those in the Southern part of Nigeria, Ala Igbo and Lagos state.

The beef and dairy market are huge markets across the globe. The size of the Global Dairy and Beef Markets are $1.8tillion and $1.6trillion respectively.

Nigeria as a country can attract between $10billion investments into these two key sectors annually and add over $12billion to our non-oil revenues from these key sectors, if we look beyond the mindless quest by certain ill-advised elements in Abuja to continually foist the primitive, poor yielding and destructive open grazing and nomadic animal husbandry culture on the rest of Nigeria.

Imo state under the able governance of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha cannot fold our hands and do nothing in this regards. Since our people in the South East are the biggest consumers of beef and dairy products in Nigeria. We must proactively work to close this supply gap domestically leveraging on unique PPP frameworks that work for us and which also points credibly to the FGN how this can be done inclusively and sustainably for the benefits of all.

One of the biggest ranchers in Nigeria today, (with Ranches/Abattoirs in Lagos state and Kano state is from Imo state. The company even exports processed hides and skin to other countries.


Imo state can conveniently dedicate 3000 hectares of land for each Senatorial Zone for our Agro-Pastoral Initiatives under unique and robust PPP schemes, akin to the improved version of the Obudu Ranching scheme.

1. Each of this dedicated Agro-Pastoral Center shall be a fully dedicated Agro-Tourist Park of its own, much better than Obudu ranch. It will require $50million/N18.1billion, fully and wholly private sector sourced funding to drive the PPP scheme for each of these centres.

2. Each of this Agro-Tourist Park shall be able to house initial 10,000 herds of cattle, 2000 hectares of farm gates for Maize, Sorghum other cereals and forage to provide fodder corn for silage and fodder sorghum as additional crops of substantial importance to cattle nutrition. These agriculture commodities will be grown as an integrated part of the beef and dairy farm activities.

3. Each of these Agro-Tourist Park/Agro Pastoral Center will be able to produce at least 360,000 litres of Dairy Products every day.

  1. The number of heifers/milking cows-10,000 per park
  2. Size of Milking Palour per cow is 2 x 26 rapid exit
  3. Milking Speed is 2000 cow per hour, done 15hours per day per park
  4. Max milk production at the rate 33,750 Lt/hr per park
  5. Size of Milking centre is 13,500 Sqm per park
  6. Size of Shed for milking cows 84,360 sqm (Roof Size) per park
  7. Concrete work inc connecting lanes 27,000 Sqm per park
  8. Milk storage tank size of 360,000 litres per day per park
  9. Shed size per Heifer in buildin120,000 Sqm @12 Sqm per Geiger per park
  10. Food storage area for the forage 27,000 Sqm per park
  11. Total land area for the dairy farm is 225 hectares for each centre
  12. Cropland to feed herd is 2000 hectares for each centre.


Phase one of the project has an estimated time frame of 60-90 days

PHASE 2 – of the project has estimated the execution time of 12-16 month.


The Creation of this unique PPP Agro-Pastoral schemes will help us in Imo state to have food security in the areas of Beef and Dairy Production. We cannot continue to be blackmailed with a deficit of beef supply so as to force us to allow a continuation of the open grazing system that is crude and destructive to our farmers.

Enhanced Security of the state with the creation of these Zonal Agro-Pastoral centres. With these centres in place, we can conveniently and comfortable pass and implement the open grazing ban without hurting any animal husbandry business of any group of Nigerians. This is because, the core Private sector lead for this project, would have created fully secured, guarded and protected 2000 hectares of rich forage grounds to take care of cows in transit for sale till will cover the supply gap in Imo state. Once you bring your trailer load of cows for sales from any part of the world, take it to any of those forage enriched centres with all the amenities in place, pay tokens to feed your cows until you sell them. You will also be properly vetted and documented for security purposes.

This PPP schemes will create a massive number of direct and indirect jobs, and help to attract more manufacturing concerns in the other value chain of the sector-Cheese, margarine, Yoghurts, etc.

Generate over 30mw of independent and captive power using the bio-digested gas turbines in each of these three centres.

It is our overarching desire, mission and commitments to assist the new government of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha to succeed in Rebuilding Imo state.

This novel scheme would help his government to put on ground solid project legacies as this one within 36 months and surpass the records of the imitable Dr Michael Okpara, who established the Obudu Ranch.

We have identified one of the top three biggest ranchers in Nigeria, which is founded and promoted by a great Son of Imo state, and one of the top 3 global best in this sector, an Israel based company for partnership with the new Imo state government.

Our Investment Banking Group Advised/partnered with these groups to deliver similar projects in Nigeria and other African countries. Let’s make this happen in Imo state. (I have forwarded the contacts of the Group Chairman of the local and foreign companies to the relevant authorities to contact them.)

Whoever that is responsible for Agriculture and Agro-Revolution in the new Ihedioha government should contact them urgently to start the process. They have combined experiences of over 70 years in this sector and currently control the largest share of the Lagos State beef market.

They also have the complete complementary funding of over $150m and technical EPC execution architecture in place to help us in Imo state.

I have done my bit as a selfless and altruistic son of Imo state, passionately desirous of helping the new government to REBUILD ALA IMO. I pray we run this race gloriously to bring immense joy to our people

God Bless Us

OBIARAERI, Nnaemeka Onyeka

NB: the above is a presentation to the new Imo state government, which is the only first-term governor in the SE. The other 4-second term governors have a similar proposal on their shelf gathering dust. We are suffering today in Ala Igbo and swallowing all manner of rubbish because most of our political office holders are lazy, corrupt, non-creative and so compromised that they are willing to allow the continual spill of the blood of our people in order for them to escape jail terms for their loots. Please send this proposal to your own governor in the south. It is not late for them to repent and do the right things.

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