Between The Netherlands and Nigeria’s Agric Cooperation

Between 2016 to 2018, Netherland Ranchers and animal husbandry Agric sub sector exported Meat worth over €21billion /N9trillion.

There were no incidence of clashes between herders and farmers. They did not use public funds to import grass from Bermuda triangle .

But in Nigeria, the terrorist herdsmen and their Miyetti Allah defenders did not earn one cent from Meat export. I am not sure they even paid one naira tax. However, they have caused untold damages to rural farmers in Nigeria.

Till today no one had been brought to justice. A majority of us are not enraged at such Stone Age primitive animal husbandry practice in the 21st century . We still indulge , condone and make excuses for barbarism .

What people are discussing is how to import grass , give public funds to private business owners and create colonies for them .

Netherland with arable land that is just 2% of Nigeria”s arable land and a population that’s less than 9% of Nigeria”s population earned a combined revenue of over $300billion /N108trillion from Agriculture exports within three years ,2016 to 2018 , .

Yet here in the jungle we celebrate export of a container of rotten yam worth less than $20,000 as achievement. We call press conference to celebrate grants of a paltry $300m for Agric.

Are we not just ashamed as a people?

Is there anything that Netherland is doing that we cannot do and surpass if we put the right round pegs in round holes in our MDAs at both the states and federal levels?

What is holding us back from totally restructuring this jungle to make it work better than Netherlands and other developed climes?

What do we have in place as our 2 years , 4 years , 10 years etc integrated, consolidated and holistic agriculture development master plan for Nigeria and her constituent units ? We don’t have any .

The major problem with this country is that an overwhelming majority of Nigerians love mediocrity. They celebrate it . The attitude is reflected in our everyday lives and work ethics . Most of us do not desire to be set apart in excellence and outstanding performances . we are not outraged by the madness round about us . Where is our indignation ? Where is our humanity and God given skills /ability to create, multiply and replenish the earth?

Dr Nnaemeka Onyeka Obiaraeri, FICA MIRA

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