What Did Peter Obi Do Differently to Transform the Anambara Education System?

There is no complexities whatsoever in the education transformation policies and programs of Peter Obi, which took Anambra state from number 28 to top 3 in Nigeria today under 6 years.

1. He handed over the schools back to their original mission owners.

2. Got Parents and Town Union Leadership also involved as stakeholders into the administration of the schools in silos.

3. Increased funding for the education sector schools and funded them directly, which helped him to cut off the rabidly corrupt civil service bureaucracy and bingo Anambra schools were transformed.

He also made sure he funded his states UBEC and other education counterpart funding schemes 100% and accessed every other available local and global education funding support schemes. Peter is smart, educated and highly exposed. Period

No enlightened parents will want their wards to be fed with junks. No parents will want their kids to be taught by junks and dumb quacks.

I am personally concerned about the depth of intelligence and quality of those who teach my kids and wards. If it is not the best, it is not good enough for us.

You cannot reinvent the wheel. Pick up what Peter Obi did, remove the weak points, improve on it and your state will be number one paragraph

The quality control is everything. Once we fix the huge infrastructure deficit, improve the welfare of teachers, retrain existing personnel and employ quality teachers, and the problem is half solved. We can also set up an Education Development & Support Trust Funds that are managed under an MPPP framework that shields it from corrupt government manipulations. We can recreate our education system and make it more progressive. Yes, we can.

Dr Nnaemeka Onyeka Obiaraeri, FICA, MIRA .

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