Tourism and Palm Industry Revolution

On the palm oil industry development scheme, we have developed a transformational working template that’s already working well in Cross river state and Abia State has adopted it and will roll of this year. Imo can follow suit. It is not skyrocketing science

Willmar Group, a fortune 500 Asian company with an annual turnover of over $42bn and PZ are driving the palm revolution in Cross River state. We were part of it. My bosom friend and former colleague at Bank PHB, Udiba Effiong Udiba is driving the PPP schemes in Cross river state as the Director-General. Very cerebral and passionately creative guy. Udom Emmanuel is pursuing the same schemes as governor of Akwa Ibom state. Top-notch Development and Investment Bankers. Cross River state PPP model is good.

The Abia State revolution is driven by SEFAPCOL and and NOSAK, which I coordinate.

We have already made submissions to the Agric, Commerce , and Industry Subcommittee of the TTC , to which I am an integral member on how we can create massive PPP driven revolution in the Imo state Palm Oil Industry that will grow turnover over N42billion annually and create over 42,000 direct and indirect jobs across the value chain without a kobo contribution from the Imo state fiscal revenue side . It is a breakdown piece that is easily executable and which will please the incoming governor if he gets time to read it.

The whole Palm Oil Industry value chain is so so huge. It can turn Imo State and Abia State into great agribusiness states.

Interestingly, there are huge funding incentives locally and globally to support the process. We have identified and already working with at least 5 global funding agencies, including, vendor funders/product off-takers

These things are not rocket science

The incoming Imo State government have low hanging fruits schemes that can help it to hit the ground running

This state is a gold mine. Let’s drill and tap it to the maximum

Dr Nnaemeka Onyeka Obiaraeri, FICA, MIRA

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