The Value of Macademia Nuts and Oil Farming

Proactive leaders and countries think next generation. Weak and retrogressive nations and leaders are short termism in perspective and only focuses on what to consume now and tomorrow. 54 years ago, Nigeria controlled 45% of the global palm oil market. Today, over 85% of the Global Palm oil market is controlled between Indonesia and Malaysia. […]

Building Rural Economies From Palm-Farming Value Chain

As at October 1965, Nigeria controlled over 45% of the global crude palm oil value chain market . As at December 31, 2018, the global crude palm oil value size was $88billion . The global palm kernel oil market was $11.3billion . We have not yet factored in the values of the palm kernel cakes […]

We Are Creating an Agrocity with near to zero waste

At SEFAPCOL, we have 15 Agro value lines, but we are currently focused on 6 that are fully integrated. Our vision is to grow a world class and globally competitive brand and network that create wealth for all stakeholders without any waste . Now let me enlighten us on one of our integrated line of […]

Transforming The South-East Through Cashew Farming

My brother and friend, Chijioke Onyeneke not too long ago introduced me to some big Lebanese, entrepreneurs, who opened my eyes to deeper opportunities in some of the cash crops that we have at our backyard. They have also committed to partner with us in some of the agro revolution schemes that we have in […]

Positioning CBN’s NISRAL Micro-Finance Bank

The Bankers Committee in collaboration with NIRSAL and NIPOST has set up a NIRSAL Micro Finance Bank to provide funding support for Agribusinesses and SMEs. The new NMFB with initial equity capital of N5billion is owned 50% by the Bankers Committee, while NIRSAL and NIPOST own 40% and 10% respectively. The new NMFB is expected […]

The Nigerian Economy and the Shrinking GDP

Nigeria’s economy over the last 47 months has been growing at a pace/rate that breeds/grows incremental poverty and extreme poverty in the land. Let me break it down further. The growth rate of the economy in 2015 was 2%; 2016 was -1.8%, in 2017 was 0.8% and 2018 was 1·8%. However, the population growth rate […]

Advocacy for the Removal of Fuel Subsidy

In series one of our clarion call for urgent and immediate removal of the criminal and fraud laden petroleum subsidies schemes, unbundling of the NNPC and privatization of the refineries, we listed ways and means, through which a tiny band of conscienceless and greedy men at the Petroleum Ministry, NNPC and their collaborators have wasted, […]

The New CBN’s Agro-Processing Funding

It is no longer news that the CBN has approved a bold initiative to partner with the 11 SE/SS governors to develop combined 100,000 hectares of palm plantations and to drive the back-ward integration programs that will help Nigeria close the over 1.5million metric tons local CPO production deficit/gap. Under this new arrangement, the CBN […]

Revolutionising the Corn and Wheat Industry in Nigeria

Nigeria produces 60,000 tons of wheat annually, but Tolaram Group alone consumes over 500,000 tons per annum to produce 8m packs of indomie every day? Total Local consumption of wheat in Nigeria is put at about 4.5m tons per annum. If you ask Audu Ogbe, he will tell you that local production is currently at […]

Kaduna Dry Port Project & The Implications for the SE/SS States

One of my grievances against the Jonathan’s government was his inability to drive to successful completion some of the great SE favouring schemes started by that good man , President Umaru Musa Yar Adua In August 2007, Yar Adua started an N35bn project to dredge and open up the river Niger channels from Warri to […]