The Value of Macademia Nuts and Oil Farming

Proactive leaders and countries think next generation. Weak and retrogressive nations and leaders are short termism in perspective and only focuses on what to consume now and tomorrow.

54 years ago, Nigeria controlled 45% of the global palm oil market. Today, over 85% of the Global Palm oil market is controlled between Indonesia and Malaysia. There leaders saw the future benefit of the Palm oil market and while we abandoned the red gold to pursue the black fossil fuel, these other two countries consolidated. Today, they have control the largest chunk of the $88billion and $11.3billion Global Palm oil and palm kernel oil markets


We first learnt about this cash-cow and health benefits nut, which is rich in oil (the most expensive nut in the world) some months back. We have taken time since then to digest over 120,000 words literature works on it, made global contacts, discussed with current farmers of the crop around the world, nursery seeds orchards, technical partners, equipment suppliers and processors.

We have also identified some of the best macadamia nursery orchards in South Africa, Australia, and Brazil. Orchards that produce some of the best varieties that can easily be introduced in Nigeria.

It is one nut, whose global demands are growing at a CGR of over 27% YOY.

Macadamia nuts are indigenous to Australia, originally found in the rain forest all along the coast of north-eastern Australia. While the trees had long been known to the aborigines, who called the macadamia kindal, the first tree was propagated from seed by British colonist, Walter Hill, who was the director of the Botany Garden in Brisbane around 1857. Hill named the tree after his Scottish friend, John Macadam, who died in a ship injury before he was able to taste the nuts

The first commercial orchard of macadamia trees was planted in the early 1880s by Rous Mill, 12 km (7.5 mi) southeast of Lismore, New South Wales, Australia. The development of efficient cracking machines in the 1940s signalled the start of commercial production in Hawaii. Commercial production in Australia only really started in the 1960s after superior macadamia selections were imported from Hawaii.

The global output of the nuts today stands at 180,000 metric tons. South Africa, which started her first orchard in the 1960s today is the highest Macadamia nuts producer in the whole world, with a current output of 54,000 tons per annum.
The South African Macadamia Growers’ Association, SAMAC estimates that there are over 700 producers in the country. The country also boosts the single largest commercial planting in the world with output of 54,000 tons per annum.


Interestingly, the Macadamia tree which starts to produce nuts at the 5th year after planting and begins commercial production of seeds from 7-10 years, can last and produce seeds up to100 years.

Studies have also shown that the Nigeria’s weather and soil conditions are very suitable for the Macadamia trees to survive, grow, flourish and produce.

Macadamias prefer fertile, well-drained soils, a rainfall of 1,000–2,000 mm (40–80 in), and temperatures not falling below 10 °C (50 °F) (although once established, they can withstand light frosts), with an optimum temperature of 25 °C (80 °F). The roots are shallow and trees can be blown down in storms; they are also susceptible to.

A hectare of properly spaced 312 Macadamia trees can yield up to 3.5-4 tons of unshelled Macadamia nuts.

A pound of shelled Macadamia nut is $25/N9, 050.00. A ton of shelled Macadamia nuts is $55,000/N19.9million.

10 hectares of Macadamia plantation can yield up to 20 tons shelled tons of Macadamia nuts by 2027.

20 tons of Shelled Macadamia seed by 2027 from 10 hectares of macadamia tree orchard planted in 2019, will earn you conservatively over US$1,100,000.00/N398million (assuming global market price remains constant).

Today, a nursery tree of Macadamia tree is $23. To plant a hectare of Macadamia orchard will cost you at least $10,000/N3.62million.

10 hectares will cost you at least $100,000/N36.2million.

But any of these investments between 2019/2020, will yield for you mega retirement returns by 2017/2018/.

When others are busy discussing PDP and APC, and all other empty political jingoism, you are busy inspecting your farm and waiting for harvests that will give you annual returns that will make you and your kids multi-dollar millionaires.

WHAT ANY PROACTIVE GOVERNMENT AT ALL LEVELS IN NIGERIA, WHO ARE ALERT TO PROGRESSIVE GLOBAL DEVELOPMENTS WOULD HAVE DONE is to establish a desk and work with experts in the field to see how they can introduce this particular trees and nuts in their domain.

Anyway, we have discovered it. We are working to set up a 10 acre Macadamia nursery orchard at our SEFAPCOL Agrocity complex. Over the next 12 months, we shall drive the awareness programs, get interested Individuals, Corporates, LGAs, States and FG agencies to partner with us in setting up their orchards.
Nigeria, can grow and dominate this cash-tree too, which can so comfortable thrive in our environment, the same way Malaysia and Indonesia domesticated the palm tree.

Our key assignment is to always enlighten our people to the huge opportunities out there. We can create paradise out of this jungle. Yes, we can

God Bless Us

OBIARAERI, Nnaemeka Onyeka

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