Why Blame the Government When We Can Change Our Lives Through Farming

Two weeks ago, we restated our resolve to drive our Agro revolution initiative/incentive to empower those who are willing to work and add value to themselves and society.

We volunteered some large swath/acres of land holdings, which included our own and that of our friends like Ugo Inyama and some of my Ogas here at Ibeju Lekki for various Agric and Agro schemes to those who have interests in Africa and Agro businesses.

We requested for those who have the passion and are interested in things like Vegetable, Cucumbers, Plantain, Banana, Piggery, Pineapple, Water Melon, Snail farming etc . to indicate interests.

We promised to help them mobilize the funding for the scheme that will help them chart a new, rewarding, sustainable and profitable Agribunesses entrepreneurial schemes.

We promised to help them mobilize technical supports and training free of charge.

We even sent them Links to www.sefapcol.com and www.agrocity.ng.

The only assignments and roles of these potential agripreneurs are to manage their portion of the business, tender to it and ensure that all goes well.

At the end of every business cycle, harvests are sold and they will take 60% of profits after the production costs, which included cost of Finance have been backed out.

We have many top-placed Nigerians who have indicated interest to invest in the scheme so long as they can make Up To 15% return on their capital and are sure of the safety of their capital since the scheme will be fully insured. They prefer to add their support to help touch lives while making more monies than they would have done if they had kept all their monies in the bank.

I have been to two programs since then, where I ministered on Investments /entrepreneurship and made these free offers.

We are developing and putting together by far bigger schemes in Abia state and Imo state. It will take off after our inaugural meetings in June 2019.

I just got off the phone with the agent and my kid brother, who are supervising the land clearance and preparation exercise. The only folks who have taken up the challenge are 6 Benue and Borno boys, who are paid to clear the place but are now desirous of making that leap from paid field mowers to farmers.

We embarked on this scheme as a unique way of adding value to others, to the society and ourselves. It is also a way of protecting the properties from Omonile incursions and trespassing.

Nigeria is a gold mine. Nigeria is a place of great opportunities for those who plan to work and add value to themselves.

See friends, the bitter facts remain that only less than 1% of Nigeria’s population (1.9m) are truly living way above the vulnerable average income line.

Only less than 8% of Nigerians (15.4m) live on more than N60,000/$166 income per month or N720,000/$2000 income per annum

The truth is that if you live in Lagos state or any city in Nigeria and you are not into any enterprise or work that earns you Up To $10,000/N3.65m a year income or $800/N283,000 income a month, you are struggling and can never live without depending on others for support.

Think and be wise. Governments can never do everything for you. Since we are mostly saddled at all levels in Nigeria with the most atrocious governments /governance in the history of mankind, let’s creatively find ways to honestly live, while insights & Presse hoping that God will send us the true deliverers to help clean up our governance woes

Until then, keep working walking and living.

Dr Obiaraeri, Nnaemeka

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